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We position ourselves as an extension of HR teams, advising on all HR responsibilities including recruitment, performance management, and employee termination. We realize the importance of timely and consistent communication. So we give regular status reports keeping pace with, and anticipating, the ever-changing work environment. We help executives make HR changes successfully.  We can help redesign the work environment from traditional in-office to  remote, hybrid tele-working models and flexible working schemes. When the COVID-19 outbreak set in motion a structural shift, our nimble team with global experience and multidisciplinary collaboration helped many leading international companies build a successful crisis response and anticipate future challenges.

Preventive solution, proactive strategy. To foster growth, organizations need greater resilience, sustainability, transparency and trust. In line with your strategies, we tackle any potential disputes in its early stages to help avoid future court action. And, when litigation is unavoidable, our expert litigation team has your back and gets results.

All in one toolkit for HR executives. We give your HR executives a comprehensive risk analysis  relating to Labor Law, Social Security Law, and Labor Health & Safety Regulations.  We help fill the gaps in each of these areas, offering cost effective, practical and comprehensive remedies.

Leading advisor for regulatory and policy reforms. Our lawyers leverage their domestic and international expertise in labor law to offer insights on evolving labor regulations.  To stay a step ahead of changes, we collaborate with NGOs, policy makers and other business influencers in the regulatory environment. We have also proven experience in translating business practices and complex regulatory information into clear, concise content.