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Every day, national and international authorities issue new regulations, policies, guidelines, and amendments that impact businesses.The key is assessing their relevance and impact to your organization. This is where we step in proactively. We decipher, evaluate, and communicate those impacts to our clients in proper context. Our compliance advice is comprehensive, covering regulations governing anti-bribery, anti-corruption, fraud, competition, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Governance (ESG).

Country and Sector Specific Expertise. We help our multinational clients navigate the myriad of differing local regulations. In doing so, we aim to minimize the cost of compliance. That means understanding and minimizing non-compliance risks. We have a wealth of hands-on experience providing compliance advice in nearly every industry including automotive, energy, retail, media and telecommunications, construction, e-commerce, and banking and finance.

Anticipatory Compliance. Compliance in emerging technologies, especially in finance (Fintech),brings specific challenges. Giving valuable advice requires understanding the relevant technologies and the regulatory landscape. When a client launches a new Fintech product or service, our team maps the risks ahead and provides pragmatic solutions. We anticipate evolving requirements. That means our clients get compliance support during all stages of the product or service life cycle--from evaluation and implementation, regulation validation, regulatory risk analysis, compliance audits, and with on-going monitoring of policy and practices.

Stay abreast: We understand that a proactive approach with preventive measures is key to reducing compliance risk. With clear, precise and timely advice, we make sure that you are compliant, up-to-date, and well-positioned for future regulatory changes.