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Levent / Istanbul, Turkey


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We are legal experts with an unconventional mindset and approach. We move beyond giving mere legal opinion; we embed ourselves into the heart of your business, understand your problems or needs and redefine them.

"The problem you dwell on might not be a problem at all or the obstacle you see might be a tip of the iceberg."


We mark the unseen and strive to focus on the right point to insulate you from unexpected to give you the competitive edge. 

"Keeping an eye on the constantly changing regulations is a matter of time money and professionalism, let the lawyers worth their salt do it." 


We take an analytical approach, dividing even the most complicated issues to simple formulations to give you a clean path forward.

"In an increasingly complex environment,  you need to be tech-savvy to move fast. We make sure you step ahead and do not get lost in detail."


We deliver value to your business because we invest in a team of legal talent combined with strong financial literacy and strategic thinking.

"Sources are limited, efficiency is crucial. We are well aware of fiscal challenges, so we adapt best practices with solid results."