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Data security is integral to business success.  In a world of rapid technological developments, avoiding breaches requires an advanced, proactive approach.  So does keeping pace with evolving regulatory requirements. Ever since the first Turkish regulation on data protection came into force in 2016, KP Law has prioritized data management from a legal perspective.  With a dedicated tech-savvy team, we cover our clients’ data privacy, security, and compliance needs. 

Sector experience in multiple jurisdictions.The hallmark of KP Law’s Data and Compliance practice is our experience in accomplishing sophisticated and cross-border compliance projects. Our Data and Compliance team advises in numerous sectors including automotive, insurance, health, retail, e-commerce, technology, fintech, telecommunication, media, banking and finance. We cover consumer and employee privacy, transaction security, and enforcement and litigation of data security issues. Together with our global reach, we advise on data protection law in Turkey, EU regulation GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and other privacy laws across the world. 

Focus on entire company alignment. Our extensive data protection experience has proven that to navigate the patchwork of constantly evolving regulations, a business’ internal departments must work in harmony. We help our clients achieve this integrity among its business units so that all data issues (ranging from data collection by a marketing department, to employee data processing by an HR department, to data storage by the finance department) collaborate and stay compliant and on course. 

Taking the long view. Data regulations evolve quickly.  So, we focus on adaptable, long-term solutions.  We monitor and anticipate regulatory changes, fill gaps, and help our clients’ remain compliant Our team leverages its technical expertise to design grounded, long-term structures covering all business units to ensure our clients are up to date and well-positioned for future regulatory changes.

Key elements of our Data Protection service include: 
•    Gap analysis 
•    Regulatory risk analysis 
•    Corporate data protection& privacy policy and procedures 
•    Compulsory privacy and protection documents (privacy statements, explicit consent texts)
•    Data related process designs and legal documentation 
•    Data collection, processing, retention and destruction policies 
•    Data infringement, incidence response remediation 
•    Data subject queries
•    Responsibilities of a Controller, Processor and Data Protection Officer
•    Domestic, cross-border and cloud data transfer 
•    Permits, registrations and relationship management with authorities 
•    Due Diligence
•    Data Protection trainings